The Balinese Massage is one of the most populer activity in Bali

Balinese Massage is a perfect technique helps reduce stress, stimulates the blood circulation, relieves strained muscle, helps detoxify the body , nourishes and soften the skin also rebalancing the harmony of body and mind. This is a full body deep tissue holistic treatment, uses a combination of gentle strecthes, accupresure, reflexology, and aromatheraphy to stimulate oxygen and “qi” energy arond your body and bring sense of wellbeing , calm and deep relaxation. The Balinese Massage is one of the most populer activity in Bali which is already famous throughout the world.

Experience a delightful and memorable of Balinese Massage

During the treatment customer will lie and relax while listening to shooting Balinese Music and the sound of flowing water, starting with the gentle massage with the aromatheraphy oil that could relax your mind and softening your skin. The Massage therapist will covered your body while they massage the other part of your body to maintain the temperature of your body .

Body treatment at Everyday Spa Bali

Enjoy the pampering sesion by the natural magic of balinese relaxation at Everyday Spa Bali in the cozy ambience, profesional massage therapist and friendly staff.  Experience a delightful and memorable of balinese massage with the best natural ingredients using the exotic oils and herbs to hot stone massage using smooth black vulcano stone.  Everyday Spa Bali also provide the uniqe foot relaxation named Royal Reflexology that consist of Foot reflexology combined with back & shoulder also head massage  to relieve fatigue and stress on your feet, helps promote sleep, improve livers function, treat migrain and headaches also reduce swollen feet. And the face treatment at Everyday Spa Bali called Royal Face Massage will stimulate the production of collagen and blood in the face skin, it will work to thighten and lift your facial muscles,  helping to prevent sagging and giving you a more youthful glow.

Enjoy the complete Body treatment at Everyday Spa Bali and get a maximum relaxation experience with an affordable price.