Foot care or what is often called foot spa is a treatment that is dedicated to the feet, so it makes our foot looks smooth, moist, soft and far from foot problems. The use of body lotion every day, especially morning and night is the right thing for the skin to regenerate and protected from dry skin.

It’s best to keep your nails looking good, take care every two weeks by doing a Manicure and Pedicure. Then for relaxation, do the Foot Spa or Massage. This activity is useful to make smooth blood circulation.

Foot care or foot massage is one way to reflect on yourself. Another benefit that you can find is dealing with aches and treating the skin’s beauty of the feet, see the unexpected benefits of Foot Massage below

Calm the leg muscles

You can feel relaxed and calm your muscles. Soak feet with warm water, especially when feeling tired. This method is also effective every night after the activity!

Blood circulation

If you do a foot spa, the benefits will also increase blood circulation, especially in the legs. Remember, your feet are constantly under pressure every day. When doing a foot spa, of course the benefits immediately release tension around your feet and relax it. In addition, this also helps remove toxins from your body.

Actually reflection therapy is very safe to do and there are no adverse effects on health. However, avoid foot massage if you are in a condition of a foot injury, pregnant, or have blood clotting problems.

The benefits of foot massage are very important for foot and skin health, Everyday Spa gives you these benefits. In addition to foot massage, complete body care can be found here. Every our treatment will provide comfort, warmness and giving you a true relaxation.