Everyday Balinese Spa & Reflexology

What is Franchise?

Its a business development done by a company who posses an experience in the business field and a proven track record, through an active partnership.


To be the most famous family relaxation company in Indonesia which focus on its treatments uniqueness, great services, and best high quality and natural ingredients.


To be the top of mind brand in terms of Balinese Family Relaxation in Indonesia through the expansions of its branch in Indonesia.

Franchise Concept

Our franchise concept is a full business format that allows franchisee to participate and contribute their effort and thoughts to enhance operations and maximize results.

Why Everyday?

  • We employ talented balinese, and other highly selected therapists, well train them, to be fitted with the character and the soul of our treatments.
  • More than 5 years experience with proven track record.
  • We only use the finest natural ingredients which are produced in Bali.
  • Focuses on balinese massage that is well known in the world as one of the most famous for its relaxation effect.
  • We posses our own training division to produce high standard massage technique and maintain it.
  • Huge market potential especially in urban area.
  • Professional and efficient management system.
  • We use thorough IT system that enable us to gain high control and efficiency.

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