Exotic Bali

Our famous Balinese massage combined with natural scrub and ear candle that will enhance your body skin, clean your ear, while giving you a true relaxation.


Body Bliss

Body Bliss ritual begins with a full body massage, body scrub and body mask that has many benefits. Cleans the skin, smooths, tightens, nourishes the skin, relaxes muscle tension, relieves anxiety, and restores the body's natural balance, achieves happiness, confidence and creativity


Body Relax

A slow and smooth massage technique, but yet strong, will relax your body and mind like no other. This unique technique is provided by well trained-gifted hands blended with natural aromatherapy essential oil.


Body Complete

Starts with soft pressure in order to warm up your body, which then followed by unique combination of our body massage and foot reflexology. This technique will surely refresh and relax your body and mind at the same time.


Oil Free

Our new massage technique that focus more on pressure and does not use oil during treatment. Those technique will improve blood circulation, restore flexibility, and most of all, it's no mess!


Royal Reflexology

Our classic sensation of foot massage which will relief foot stress and fatigue and restores energy and muscle flexibility, completed by shoulder and hand massage, you'll love it.


Face Massage

A massage technique that focus on certain points at face that aimed to relief stress of your skin, enhance skin firmness, and as an anti aging.

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